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Support services

Supportive Counselling

banner8The purpose of the counselling program is to provide support to individuals when in crisis, to enable them to:

  • determine new ways of looking at their lives and making healthier decisions,
  • identify resources outside the Centre that are more appropriate for what they need,
  • advocate on behalf of the individual with other agencies and professionals with which they are engaged.

Support is provided in a variety of ways including:

  • individual support
  • group support
  • crisis monitoring and intervention

Support is provided in a non-judgmental, client-centred manner, with an emphasis on dignity, respect, and self-determination of the individual.


Centre 454 is a community ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, and as a faith-based organization, the Centre provides spiritual services in the form of a chaplain.

Rev. Peter, an Anglican deacon, is our current chaplain and he can be found every Friday morning at the Centre, conducting a weekly chapel service in the piano room at 9 am. All visitors to the Centre are welcome to attend, regardless of religious affiliation, and there is always a lively discussion on how the gospel reading for the week relates to real life and the issues and challenges we all face. Peter is also available for private pastoral conversations, for spiritual counselling, or as just another friendly ear.

Practical Supports

These supports include:

  • Hygiene—laundry and shower facilities along with laundry soap, shampoo, towels, razors, soap etc.;
  • Communications—telephones, mail and message service, and fax availability;
  • Essential clothing needs—socks & underwear, seasonal clothing, and sewing & repair services.

In-reach is the provision of specialized services to participants by professionals from agencies external to Centre 454. These are in addition to the services offered by the Centre—for example, in the areas of mental health, housing help, and legal aid.

Participant Skill Development

Many participants come to Centre 454 having worked at a variety of occupations throughout their lives, but their work lives have been interrupted by situations including illness, dismissal, and incarceration.

This is a pre-employment program to help participants with essential job readiness and confidence-building skills. Individuals take part in an eight-week program, working one-on-one with a counsellor and taking part in various work initiatives around the Centre.

Social Recreation Program

The purpose of the social recreation program is to develop individuals’ self-confidence, as well as their place in our community. We provide opportunities for all who attend the Centre to participate as best they can.

The range of social recreation activities at the Centre includes:

  • Hospitality—coffee, tea, nutritious snacks, fellowship;
  • Regular daily activities—karaoke, bingo, card & board games, newspapers, music (piano, guitar), community meetings;
  • Special events—summer picnic, Christmas party, heritage days, chili cook-off, annual participation in Cleaning the Capital, corn boil;
  • Groups—literacy, storytelling, women’s group.

See our monthly activity calendar.

ODSP Application Support Program

Centre 454 has been operating the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) application support worker program since 2005. The program was developed in response to significant barriers to accessing Ontario’s disability benefit program, as had been identified by applicants, support workers, and networks across Ontario.

The program assists individuals with significant disabilities and barriers to navigate the complex ODSP application process, from the initial expression of interest to the final decision of the Disability Adjudication Unit or Social Benefits Tribunal. The target population for the program is individuals with complex needs including serious mental illnesses and other disabilities that create significant barriers to accessing services. This includes disabled individuals with no income or with very meagre income, such as a Personal Needs Allowance (PNA) or Ontario Works (OW). Without the support or initiative of our application support worker, many of the program participants would never have accessed the ODSP benefits for which they are eligible.

The ODSP application support program operates on the principle that assisting disabled individuals to access the higher income support afforded by ODSP benefits increases their ability to achieve a reduced risk of homelessness through housing stability, improved health status, and enhanced quality of life.

For more information please contact any of the application support workers listed on the contacts page.

PDF  ODSP Application Support Program Referral Form (81 kb)

Weekend Program

The original purpose of the weekend program was to provide a safe place for people to gather where they would be offered hospitality, social recreation activities, and crisis intervention. The project was offered during the cold weather months each year. We are in the process of extending our full program to operate seven days a week throughout the year. Click here for current hours and days of operation.

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